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Jess is here to take care of all things clothes!

trust me, she's good

In all of the Mal Jack packages, access to the client closet and styling by Jess, is included! Why do we include this for our clients? While we know every momma loves picking out their little girl's dress, sometimes it can be a bit hectic. Do all the boys wear white shirts, and all the girls wear pink bows? That's not for you to worry about! Jess is here to help one-on-one with your family's outfits so you don't have to think twice about it. While the real beauty lies in your family and the experience, color and style coordination can go a long way in bringing the focus to you and your family. It's sounds contradicting, I know, but a family's outfit should flow together; rather than noticing bright green shoes, you're taking in the overall pleasing visual of the photo and looking at your little boy's smile.

client closet

see a dress you like? changes are it came from my client closet!

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complimentory style guide

Jess will send you a styling guide so that you can understand more of our process! 

one-on-one stylist

it's closer to the session so now it's time to pick out those fits!

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what's involved?




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